Why choose permanent lip color?

Permanent lip liner and color helps defines the lips without going through any surgical procedures or getting fillers. It also improves the appearance of lips for women and men by restoring the lip color which are grey, brown, or pale as well as creating symmetry. Having this treatment done will eliminate the daily use of lip pencils and lipsticks. No more smudging, smearing, or disappearing.

Lip Shape, Design, and Color

Lips are an important beauty feature of the mouth. This is why we opt to let our client design the outer rim of the lip. Our job is to make sure they are even and aligned and will work with you to create the best design for your lip prior to the treatment. Color is also swatched and blended until we achieve the desired color of your choice.

Lip Tattoo Techniques

  • Lip liner: We do not just outline your lip, we shade slightly from the top of your lip inwards to create a dusty effect. This will make the lips appear much softer than having a regular lip liner.
  • Ombre lips: Exactly how it sounds. We create some color and dimension all over the lip working towards the inner mouth with only a hint of color with a Pixel effect.
  • Full lips: Solid color is applied to the entire lip

Preparing for your appointment

You should allow at least 3 hours for your initial procedure. If you need to remove any facial hair around the lips, this needs to be done 3 days before the appointment. For laser around the lips, you need to do 5 to 7 days prior. Taking an anti-viral medication is highly recommended, especially if you have a history of Chicken Pox or cold sores. You need to take the medication 3 days before your treatment and 3 days after as a preventative measure.

After the treatment

Temporarily swelling, tenderness and bruising is normal after the procedure and should go away after a few days. Your lip color will definitely be brighter and darker than what you want. Lip tissue is different from skin tissue therefore, it tends to lose its color much quicker and will lighten between 40-60% after your lips have fully peeled off. The average healing time is between 4-7 days. The color will continue to soften up over the next couple of weeks. To ensure a speedy and safe recovery, please follow the aftercare given to you. Touch-ups are recommended between 4-8 weeks in which time we may need to adjust the color, shape, or add color to areas that healed lighter.

Maintenance appointments

Permanent makeup can fade over time, you can schedule maintenance visits every few years to keep your color looking fresh.



Thanks Kim for an amazing eyebrows. It’s saving my time in the morning rush. I’m highly recommended to anyone who wants a perfect eyebrows go to Kim of Inkspiration Beauty Bar!

Kelly Vo

Love love love my brows! Kim is amazing l would def recommend anyone looking for a micro blading artist. Love!

Jeannette Schwarz

Kim is absolutely amazing!! I had a previous eyebrow tattoo done 5+ years ago in Kelowna that was so awful, from day one I penciled over it. But Kim fixed it with multiple sessions. So worth it I would go to her a million times over! Lover her and her work!

Jessica Kott


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