We specialize in creating the most hyper-realistic looking brows. Our company also provides cosmetic tattooing in various brow styles such as bold powder, ombre powder brows and the natural pixel effect. We also offer eyeliner tattoo as well as lips. Cosmetic tattooing is ideal for anyone wanting to enhance the look of the brows, lips or eyes. The results can be natural looking hair-like strokes to a bold makeup look. Regardless of what it is; here at Inkspiration Beauty Bar, we offer variety. Not one style fits all.

Microblading not for you? Don’t worry, we offer other styles of brow design. Contact us for consultation today!



Duyen (Kim) Dinh
Founder of Inkspiration Beauty Bar
Master Trainer
Bloodborne Pathegon Certification


Duyen has studied at over a dozen academies around the world. She has over 40 certifications under her belt. Her training and attention to detail allows her to create the most realistic hair like brow tattoo with precision. What sets her apart from conventional artist is her passion to continuously learn and adapt to changing trends and styles. She is now a permanent makeup educator in Canada.


Best known for:

Microblading, Soft Combination Brows, Ombre Powder brows, Magic Shading, Eyeliner Tattoo, Lip Blush Tattoo


Theresa Ho 
Microblading and Powder Brow Artist


Theresa was a medical office/admin assistant before trying to follow her passion in the beauty industry. She has taken a nail course and also currently provides eyelash extension services. She is also certified for microblading through Phibrows Academy and has then furthered her skills with Inkspiration / Academy S offering multiple methods of eyebrow tattooing.


Best known for:
Bold Brow Styles



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