What are the benefits to Eyeliner Tattooing?

Permanent eyeliner or eyelash enhancement helps to enhance the appearance of the eyes. It eliminates the need to outline eyelids with liquid liners or pencils without it smearing or smudging throughout the day. It also improves the appearance of missing, thin, or light-colored lashes. Permanent eyeliner is a great solution to those who have oily skin, vision problems, or unsteady hands. It also saves people time in the morning and most importantly, it will not disappear.

Eyeliner Design

Eyeliner design comes in various forms, from thick to thin to a cat eyes look. Whatever your preference is; we will work with you to frame those beautiful eyes and make them pop. “Eyelash enhancement liner tattoo” can make eyelashes appear darker, fuller, or thicker. Liners can do wonders on the eyes such as balancing out uneven eyes or creating the illusion of bigger doll-like eyes.

Eyeliner Techniques

Eyelash Enhancement: This method is for people who want an extremely natural look. The pigment is tattooed only at the base of eyelashes in-between their rows. No obvious line is drawn beyond the lash line. This causes the eyelash base to appear darker and fuller and frames the eye without the look of having eyeliner. Men choose this procedure to add definition to their eyes without looking like they are wearing makeup.

eyeliner tatoo

Top Lash liner enhancement (before & right after treatment)

Eyeliner: The pigment is implemented at the base of the lash line and above the lashes. The line is thin from the beginning to the center point of the eye and slightly thicker at the corner which helps create longer sultry looking eyes.


Top eyeliner at the based and above lash line  (before and after treatment)

Cat liner: This method must be pre-drawn and marked prior to the procedure. The client can choose a thin or thick liner flick. Great look for someone who wants more of the makeup look.

How to prepare for your EYELINER appointment

You should allow at least 3 hours for your initial procedure. Please remove your contact lense and bring a pair of glasses. You will not be able to wear them for 24-48 hours after your procedure. You may proceed to wear your contacts once you are fully healed. You must stop using any eyelash growth product at least one month prior. Additional specific preparation guidelines will be given to you via email once you book your appointment online.

What to expect at the appointment

  • You will fill out release forms and medical history for review
  • The consultation will begin, and we will evaluate your eyelid and discuss techniques and designs with you
  • After optimal design and color are determined, topical anesthetics will be applied to numb your eyelids
  • She will continue to apply anesthetics during the procedure to keep you comfortable
  • Before and after photos will also be taken for your confidential file with your colors recorded for future reference

After Your Procedure 

There are a few reactions that may occur such as; redness or a purple hue around the treated area which will subside in 24 hours. You may experience some swelling for 1-2 days which is normal. Use a cold pack of ice in the morning to reduce this. Sleep slightly elevated for the first night. Cold eye gel pads also a good alternative to use instead of an ice pack.

If your eyes remain swollen for more than 2 days or producing mucous, please seek a medical doctor.

What to expect:

  • Eyelash may stick together the next morning
  • Puffy eyelids for 2-3 days
  • Redness or mild bruising around the eyes
  • Itchiness (if poor hygiene is used, an infection can occur, please see a doctor)
  • Swelling and tenderness

Daily Care:

  • Apply ointment (Vaseline) to relieve any tightness or itch otherwise just keep dry until healed
  • Do not touch the treated area unless applying ointment
  • No scratching, rubbing or picking the treated area
  • Do not apply eye makeup around the treated area until you are healed
  • If your lashes stick together, moisten with distilled water and remove residue
  • If you wear contact lenses, you may wear them 3 days after the procedure although it’s always best to wear them after you are fully healed
  • Artificial tears may be used
  • Do not pick the remaining pigment out with a Q-tip.
  • Always start with a new tube of mascara to avoid infection

Follow-up and Maintenance Appointments 

Your eyeliner will lighten and soften after healing; about 7-10 days. Some clients heal at a faster rate of 4-5 days. Since it is always best to be conservative, if your eyeliner heals lighter or thinner than you desire, it can be darkened or thickened at your follow-up visit (second application). Ideally, your follow-up should be completed 4 to 6 weeks post-procedure. Because permanent makeup can fade over time, you can schedule maintenance visits every few years to keep your color looking fresh. PLEASE NOTE: If you hope to get eyeliner tattooed, the use of glaucoma eye drops makes eyelash follicles and eyelids hypersensitive, causing excessive bleeding and poor color retention.



Thanks Kim for an amazing eyebrows. It’s saving my time in the morning rush. I’m highly recommended to anyone who wants a perfect eyebrows go to Kim of Inkspiration Beauty Bar!

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Kim is absolutely amazing!! I had a previous eyebrow tattoo done 5+ years ago in Kelowna that was so awful, from day one I penciled over it. But Kim fixed it with multiple sessions. So worth it I would go to her a million times over! Lover her and her work!

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