Our studio is by appointment only.

To quickly assist you, it is always wise to submit a tattoo request form to hash out all the nitty gritty details prior to booking your appointment. This will save you and the artist a lot of time. We will send you a rough time estimate and quote.


Custom tattoos & Coverups

Whether it being small or big, here at Inkspiration we specialize in delicate fineline tattooing. Most of our work is customized to each clients specific needs. When booking an appointment, you must trust the artist to design something based on the portfolio of work presented. All designs are shown at the day of the appointment and any adjustments can be made the day of.

Tattoo cover ups are not always possible so we recommend submitting a photo and detailed information on what you want it covered with.

​Tattoo Information

Non Guaranteed Tattoo Locations
Hands ~ Fingers ~ Side of Wrist ~ Elbow ~ Foot ~ Behind Ear

Areas of the body respond differently to being tattooed. Some will fade, blow out or not take ink; while others can get used or stretched so much it’s hard to heal properly, or the skin sheds constantly. This page is to help you become informed when making decisions on your tattoo location, so you can get the most enjoyment out of your body art. This does not apply to everyone, some do hold ink extremely well and don’t experience these issues but that’s not the normal response.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee on our own artwork, other then the areas listed above. This guarantee is only against artist defect only. For example: after you heal, you notice a small spot that may not have taken color as well; or any spots that may have been missed due to swelling of the skin, etc. We do not guarantee against normal fading due to the sun and the passing of time, if you have not followed our aftercare, or have had any self-inflicted damage.

Please Note:

We do offer a guarantee against any defect with most of our artwork, but keep in mind when a tattoo is first done the ink is in the 1st and 2nd layer of skin so it’s VERY bright because you’re seeing the ink in 2 layers. After you’re finished healing you will notice the color will be a bit lighter than when first done, this is normal and to be expected.

Healing & Aftercare

Your artist will give you aftercare instructions and ointment can be purchased in small packets or big bottle based on tattoo size. Other ointments can be purchased at the drug store. Your artist will advise you.

Please keep in mind that once you leave the shop, it is entirely up to you to keep it clean, moisturized, protected, and follow aftercare instructions. Do not scratch the area. Once the scab flakes off and the shine of the skin is no longer visible, the skin has healed.


Thanks Kim for an amazing eyebrows. It’s saving my time in the morning rush. I’m highly recommended to anyone who wants a perfect eyebrows go to Kim of Inkspiration Beauty Bar!

Kelly Vo

Love love love my brows! Kim is amazing l would def recommend anyone looking for a micro blading artist. Love!

Jeannette Schwarz

Kim is absolutely amazing!! I had a previous eyebrow tattoo done 5+ years ago in Kelowna that was so awful, from day one I penciled over it. But Kim fixed it with multiple sessions. So worth it I would go to her a million times over! Lover her and her work!

Jessica Kott


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